One In Tech Diversity in Leadership Scholarships

In conjunction with ISACA’s Member Exclusive Speaker Series, apply for a scholarship to Natalie Nixon’s The WonderRigor™ course (valued at $1,100.00 US.)

In 2021, there were 2.72 million unfilled job openings in cybersecurity

The cybersecurity workforce gap increased in every region in the world except the Asia-Pacific region. Even at that, Asia-Pacific still had a workforce gap of 1.42 million, the largest of any region in the world. –ISC2 2021 Cybersecurity Workforce Study

The critical cybersecurity workforce gap can be addressed through Diversity and Inclusion

Supporting college/university students from under-represented populations progress through academics in cybersecurity closes the talent gap creates a technology workforce it that is more representative of the global population.

Only 3% of women say a career in technology would be their first choice.

Women in the tech space often face unequal pay, diminished responsibility, lack of promotions, and an overall prevalence of male-dominated workplaces.

In 2021, only 25% jobs in technology were held by women.

The quit rate of women in technology is almost twice as high as that of men.

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Our Scholarships

One In Tech is now a member of the National Scholarship Providers Association, a collective that is advancing the impact of scholarships. One In Tech’s Scholarship Program consists of our Diversity in Leadership Scholarship, Core Academic Scholarships, and ISACA Chapter/Corporate Academic Scholarships.

Diversity in Leadership

One In Tech’s program SheLeadsTech advances women into leadership roles. The Diversity in Leadership Scholarship supports the leadership development of women in digital trust professions as they accelerate their careers.

Core Academic

One In Tech’s Core Academic Scholarships support and promote diversity within the cybersecurity and IT audit industries. Scholarships include the National Cyber League Games Scholarship, Academic Scholarship, and ISACA Cybersecurity Month Scholarship.

ISACA Chapter/Corporate Academic Scholarships

One In Tech’s ISACA Chapter/
Corporate Academic Scholarships support management and match funding of partnered ISACA chapter and corporate scholarships. This collaboration will provide resources and learning in ISACA chapters and corporations’ own regions and communities, making a significant impact on a global scale.

Our Vision, Mission, and Purpose

Build a diverse and inclusive global community of Cybersecurity and IT Audit professionals.

Provide opportunity for under-represented individuals to enter security professions and support the advancement of untapped talent into leadership positions.

Remove barriers to ensure the Cybersecurity and IT Audit professions are accessible for all

Our Programs


One In Tech seeks to amplify the reach and impact of our banner program, SheLeadsTech, which provides women and allies with access to educational, professional skill, and career-building development to enter and advance within the cyber workforce

In this capacity, SheLeadsTech offers comprehensive resources, substantive toolkits, and secure pathways to accelerate gender balance in the cyber profession.


One In Tech seeks to make both broad and in-depth impacts in infusing untapped talent into the cyber workforce. Through a robust Scholarship Program, OIT provides awards in a multitude of methods including OIT’s CORE Scholarships, OIT Diversity in Leadership Scholarships, and OIT ISACA Chapters Scholarships.