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ISACA recognizes outstanding contributions that advance our professional community and exemplify our purpose and leadership. The One In Tech community is invited to join these recognition opportunities by nominating and celebrating achievements that align with the mission of both organizations. By acknowledging the individuals and achievements that have a positive impact on our global society, we seek to inspire future generations of business and technology professionals.

Call for Nominations

Technology for Humanity. Educational Excellence. Inspirational Leadership. Innovative Solutions. These categories describe the essence of ISACA and One In Tech. They also constitute the four categories of the Global Achievement Awards: the highest awards presented by ISACA for distinguished service, exemplary achievements and noteworthy contributions to advancing technology worldwide.

Nominate an outstanding colleague, organization or program by July 31, 2021 for the 2022 ISACA Awards.


Recognizes an individual, program or organization whose efforts in connecting with underserved communities or underrepresented individuals has helped bridge the digital divide.


Recognizes an inspiring educator or academic at the primary, secondary or tertiary educational level or an educational institution with inspiring initiatives who has empowered students to pursue careers advancing technology.


Recognizes a visionary leader who has inspired organizations and professionals to advance and adapt within a digital world.


Recognizes an individual or organization who has developed or utilized technology to solve business or societal challenges.

2021 ISACA Awards Virtual Gala

Don your masquerade mask and join us at the party!

Register for the 2021 ISACA Awards Virtual Gala on Thursday, 15 July at 9:00 US CT / 15:00 UTC.
Whether you are in formal attire or lounging at home, get ready to dance, clap and celebrate with our global community in this two-hour can’t-miss event.
ISACA is pleased to partner with One In Tech on this exciting celebration. Join the fun and support One In Tech!

Hollee Mangrum-Willis, Deputy Director, One In Tech, will co-host with ISACA CEO David Samuelson, further showcasing the close connections of these two inspiring organizations.

Support One In Tech at the Gala

Don’t miss an opportunity to enhance your experience and support One In Tech!

Even though the gala is virtual, you can still experience the glamour of the in-person event by purchasing an enhanced experience package. $25 of every $50 purchase will be donated to One In Tech!

Special ISACA and One In Tech branded items include:

  • Champagne gummy bears, to toast the recipients with a sweet (nonalcoholic) treat;
  • Tea bags and dissolvable cocktail flavoring cubes, to enjoy no matter what time the broadcast occurs for you;
  • A travel mug, for dancing along with our performers without spilling;
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To enjoy the enhanced experience, select the free registration + experience enhancement option when you register. Boxes will be shipped regardless of order date until they are sold out, but only purchases prior to June 24 will confirm delivery prior to the gala.

Congratulations to the
2021 ISACA Award Recipients

One In Tech is inspired by the achievements of the individuals and chapters ISACA is honoring in 2021 and appreciates the continued partnership of many of them.
Each of the the four Global Achievement Award recipients has contributed to One In Tech’s mission. Kyla Guru, Stanford student and CEO of Bits ‘N Bytes Cybersecurity Education, has been an important collaborator with One In Tech’s Young Leaders In Tech program. Dr. Mahesh Raisinghani’s efforts to inspire more women to join the technology workforce directly relates to the SheLeadsTech program. Niel Harper is fulfilling One In Tech’s mission by making the internet accessible to all. Dr. Yoshimasa Masuda’s contributions with the Adaptable Integrated Digital Architecture Framework (AIDAF) provides a basis for digital healthcare that can help reduce risks of pandemic-related disease.
ISACA Chapters are strong advocates, evangelists, and donors for One In Tech programs, as exemplified by the 13 chapters and volunteer chapter leaders being honored at the ISACA Awards Virtual Gala. ISACA Members are passionate about their professional community and eager supporters of One In Tech.
Kudos to the ISACA Certification Exam Top Scorers for the time and effort they have invested in developing their professional skillset!
We congratulate and celebrate the inaugural inductees of the ISACA Hall of Fame for their efforts over the last 50 years leading up to the ISACA we know today.