Diversity efforts could net the IT industry an extra $400 billion in revenue each year.

When an organization’s executives are at least 30% female, it can lead to 15% gains in profitability.

Women make up almost half of the workforce worldwide but only 31% of IT employees.

Only 22% of IT leadership roles are filled by women.

Only 13% of tech chief executive roles are filled by women.

57% of the U.S. workforce is made up of women, but only 26% of computing-related positions are held by women.


Black, Latina, and Native American women only hold 4% of roles in the computing workforce — almost none of which are senior leadership roles — despite making up 16% of the general population.

Zero black or Latina women are CEOs of Fortune 500 tech companies.

While women of color account for abut 16% of the general U.S. population, they comprise only around 4% of technical roles in tech companies and are almost completely absent at the senior leadership level.

Their Need

Gender diversity in the workplace is crucial to the technology industry but still lags far behind other industries .  Women are historically and currently under-represented in the field, often to the detriment of corporate advances and revenue growth.  Without very targeted efforts to include and advance women within the technology space, the future will look the same as now, creating major limitations for the industry.  As a program designed to push this movement forward, SheLeadsTech provides resources, networking, mentorships, advocacy, educational events, and other services designed to support and empower women to participate and lead in cyber security careers.

Our Focus

SheLeadsTech is a women-focused program which works to increase the representation of women in technology leadership roles and the tech workforce.

Powered through a vast global network of women IT professionals dedicated to supporting others, SheLeadsTech provides women with mentorship, leadership training, and skills training to grow and excel within that industry.


Our Initiatives

SheLeadsTech has engaged over 30,000 supporters since its launch in October of 2017. SheLeadsTech seeks to increase the representation of women in technology leadership roles and the tech workforce.

Raising Awareness

We will work to educate employees, allies, and engaged professionals so that we can overcome unconscious bias.

Preparing to Lead

Our training and skills development programs will prepare current and upcoming female leaders for the digital future.

Building Global Alliances

Through strategic partnerships, we will amplify our impact beyond the ISACA network and support our chapters as they tackle the unique challenges in their region.

Past Event Gallery

Engagement Opportunities

SheLeadsTech offers a multitude of opportunities for engagement in the program with people from all over the world so to achieve the goals of Raising Awareness, Preparing to Lead, and Building Global Alliances.  These include:


SheLeadsTech’s Ambassador program seeks to engage women in tech and those who support women in tech. The program is for our advocates, males allies, sponsors and mentors. Ambassadors commit to:

  • Support SheLeadsTech’s Mission to Increase the Representation of Women in Technology Leadership Roles and the Tech Workforce.
  • Act as a sponsor for women in the workplace
  • Advocate for diverse hiring practices
  • Be aware of one’s own biases
  • Mentor and be mentored by women
  • Keep others accountable for their words and actions
  • Speak up for diversity in all capacities

Apply as Ambassador


SheLeadsTech provides events throughout the year hosted by both One In Tech directly and/or  by ISACA Chapters within their SheLeadsTech groups. Events are held throughout the world, both online and in-person. These can include:

  • Panels and Guest Presentations
  • Career Fairs
  • Networking Sessions
  • Meetings, Webinars, Podcasts
  • Presentations within larger conferences (includng ISACA conferences)
  • Education via newsletters and blogs
  • Engage Platform providing global communication platform for sharing and learning on SLT topics
  • Chapter-led event support

Find SLT Events

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Corporations around the world are recognizing the great benefits of diversity and are responding through trainings, operational changes, re-structuring, and advocating. By joining One In Tech’s Corporate Diversity Advocate membership program, your company can:

  • Demonstrate internally and externally your commitment to building DIVERSITY within the cyber security and tech world at large
  • Advocate for the SheLeadTech program and its mission for gender equality
  • Support education, resources, support, and initiatives to develop career pipelines ensuring diversity within the workforce.

These programs build diversity and equity in the digital space from early education throughout career placement and advancement.


Become a Corporate Diversity Advocate


The SLT Mentorship Project is offered as a pilot program as a subset of the ISACA’s Pilot Mentorship program. The SLT Project offers ISACA mentor/mentees the chance to further impact the future of the technology space by sharing experiences to lead and empower others, with a supplemental scope including:

  • Mentorship Community Meetups: Virtual gatherings for participants focused on how being a mentor and/or a mentee helps to build gender diversity in the technology workforce. These are designed to ignited innovative and new ideas that will inspire best practices and further promote the power of mentorships.
  • Mentorship Matters Stories: Shared mentor and/or mentee stories that demonstrate the power and importance of mentorships.
  • SLT Allies Guide: Utilizing contributions and ideas from participants, this cumulative, dynamic resource provides tips, guidance, advice, ideas etc. about how women (and men!) can stand up as allies for gender diversity in their own workplace and in their personal lives. This will be populated by SLT staff with real-world ideas and tactics based on participant ideas and input from around the world.


Learn More About Mentorship


A collection of resources to inform and support all those committed to supporting the SheLeadsTech mission.   These resources can be utilized for building advocacy, awareness, and engagement. Examples of resources include:

  •  The SLT Toolkit: collection of documents and information to support Chapters and individuals in their SLT engagements
  • Marketing and Communication Toolkits
  • Research publications, articles, and mission-related news
  • Many other resources dsigned to support your own efforts to build Equity and Diversity in the workforce
  • Full SLT On-Line Community on Engage platform

Join The SLT Online Community 

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To disseminate information to the ISACA chapters, the Chapter Liaison serves as the communication conduit between the chapter board/members and OIT staff. This role opportunity and placement is only at the full descretion of each ISACA chapter.  If chapter determines a role opportunity they select an  individual from the chapter who will:

  •  Serve as the liaison for SLT and Chapters
  • Support Chapters with advice on holding SLT events and ensure event application completed
  • Create strategy and plans for SLT at the chapter level
  • Promote SLT events created by OIT and other chapters
  • Represent SLT via presentations to the chapter board, at chapter events, and to outside organizations
  • Help fill volunteer roles for SheLeadsTech events
  • Create an atmosphere of inclusion and acceptance

Speak To Your Chapter Leader 


The SheLeadsTech Council will support the strategy and development of SheLeadsTech initiative including:

  • Support, resource, and advise on strategic plan, development, and facilitation of various SLT initiatives,
  • Serve as lead contact for various initiatives as assigned
  • Provide advocacy work as outlined within the SLT Strategy based on feasibility and resources
  • Support OIT Staff in managing, tracking, communicating, and planning with all SLT events, documents, collaborations, and other activities
  • Assist with SheLeadsTech activities in their region
  • Help build and facilitate evaluation and metric reports of all SLT events/activities
  • Commit to the SLT initiative growth, strengthening, and evolution

Appointed Annually by OIT 


The SLT Contributor role, a volunteer opportunity, identifies and matches writers, speakers, and presenters with opportunity to author a blog or article, present at an event, speaker within a panel, and other communication opportunities focused on the SLT mission and topics. Contributors are matched based on topic and forum need and are expected to have:

  • Familiarity with and ability to present information on both OIT and SLT
  • Excellent writing, and/or presentation and public speaking skills
  • Ability to educate and inform on the need and impact of gender diversity with research to support their topic
  • Willingness and ability to volunteer their time to at least one match requested by OIT
  • Ability to represent OIT and SLT with a professional and respectful, non-political manner

Register as a Contributor 

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