Balancing Tech Women’s Work and Family in New Normal




Chair Panelist:
Carol Lee, Program & SheLeadsTech Director, ISACA China HK Chapter)

Sunny Guan, Regional Security Compliance Lead, Alibaba Cloud
Karen Liang, Cybersecurity Manager, PwC Darklab

Not only are women hired in lower numbers than men, but they also leave tech at more than twice the rate of men.  This has contributed to a deficit of gender diversity in the tech workforce.
SheLeadsTech mission is to empower women & girls not only to enter into tech careers and stay in the field, serve in leadership roles and achieve their highest potential — build a healthy digital world that is safe, secure and accessible for all.

The objective of these SheLeadsTech AMA webinar series is to discuss and demonstrate the importance of a diverse and inclusive culture for women in this sector; barriers to entry, opportunities, lessons learned & the way forward.

The first webinar will be about handling new challenges from the pandemic period:
1. Technology Challenge – What technology that helps work from home more efficient and secure; help to balance work and family life?
2. Work Remote – How can we do risk assessment/audit remotely?
3. Home as a Work Place – Do a zoom call without interruption?  How to avoid the disturbance from kids during an online meeting?
And more….

Join us to hear lesson learnt and sharing from the panelists on how to deal with these challenges.

Last 10 minutes of the webinar are reserved for answering “Ask Me Anything” questions, for example, how did the panelist join the industry; where to find a course related to Cloud security, etc.  Feel free to send your question in advance to [email protected]