DataBulls SpeakUp: Women In Tech Panel




“Women In Tech” Panel discussion brings perspective on the changing and developing technology in the digital age, which unites and makes equal men and women of all colors, origins and interests in the world and in our country. We are happy to host our very valuable guests who have achieved many successes in the field of technology and who represent us outside the borders of Istanbul as well as in our country. 

“Women in Tech” is not just a panel title, it is to support the professional careers of strong women in the field of technology that changes the world, with inclusive models, and to make the voices of successful women stronger in this challenging journey. We would like to thank all our guests and participants who brought us together in this mission and did not leave us alone during the event. We also congratulate ISACA Istanbul #SheLeadsTech for their precious support to women and ISACA. 

Dilek METE HANGÜL who is working as Board Member and #SheLeadsTech at ISACA Istanbul
Merve Gozukucuk-Ugurlu who is working as Information Governance and Privacy Director at CISA – FTI Consulting UK, and Data Governance
Sr. Nihal Özge Kılınç who is the Manager and Sustainability Program Coordinator
Moderator: WomenTech Network Global Ambassador and Avanade – Sr. Onur Korucu who is the GRC, Cyber Security and Data Protection Manager