Empowering Women to have a Successful Career in Tech




Topic SheLeadsTech – Empowering Women to have a Successful Career in Tech
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Ms CeCe Choi is a SheLeadsTech Committee Member of ISACA China Hong Kong Chapter and a Member of the Fintech Association of China Hong Kong. CeCe is also a Chartered Accountant (FCA) and a Partner within the Information Risk Management practice at one of the Big 4 Global Professional Services Firms. 

CeCe has a strong proven track record as a leader in assurance, compliance and advisory services with in-depth knowledge of the prevalent IT risk and internal control issues faced by a broad portfolio of client sectors, including Investment Banking, Asset Management, insurance, Property Development, Telecommunications and Government Bodies. She specialises in IT Attestation Services (e.g., ISAE3402 / SOC), IT Independent Assessments, IT Process and Control Reviews, Systems Auditing, IT Regulatory Compliance and Technology Risk Management for a range of complex international organisations.

Panelist Ms. Vincci Tang is the SheLeadsTech committee member of ISACA China Hong Kong Chapter. 

She is currently working as an Audit Manager of a financial institution. She has over 13 years of professional experience in Information Technology and Auditing.



Joye worked in IT industry for 10 years, taking up roles including solution consultant, program & project manager, scrum master, application architect, while her current role is an IT Solution Architect at CLP. She is responsible for facilitating business & IT strategic alignment, driving technology standardization & innovation, using cloud technologies and delivering solution architecture that fits CLP development needs. Her focus areas are Engineering Operation Digital solutions and Customer Experience technologies. 

Joye holds a master’s degree in Information and Technology Management from The Chinese University of Hong Kong, and a degree in Electronic Engineering.





Ms Jessica Tin, CISA, is a Manager within the Information Risk Management practice at one of the Big 4 Global Professional Services Firms. She is experienced in managing and executing IT audits and assurance engagements for a number of clients across different industries, including securities, insurance, transportation, consumer products and telecommunication sectors. 

Before joining Big 4, She also worked at other multinational organisations where she developed her technical skills in programming and web design. Jessica has assisted customers with large scale application software support, IT infrastructure reviews and systems management.



Ms Janet Ng is a Senior Associate within the Information Risk Management practice at one of the Big 4 Global Professional Services Firms.  She is experienced in IT audit and IT controls related services that focus on understanding and managing the business risks associated with the implementation and use of IT. 

Janet has in-depth expertise in technology and strong capabilities as the senior-in-charge for conducting IT control reviews supporting financial statement audits, IT attestation services and regulatory compliance reviews to clients from various industries. She is also a Certified Public Accountant and Certified Information Systems Auditor.

Abstract Empowering woman in technology has become a key focus across organisations as we continue to see an increasing number of females in leadership positions who have established distinctive and rewarding careers in IT. 

The objective of this SheLeadsTech webinar series is to highlight the importance of a diverse and inclusive culture for women in the technology field of today, including career progression, common challenges, establishing a supportive work culture, opportunities, lessons learned & the way forward.

The following are examples of some of the discussion topics which we will cover to share different perspectives, as part of our webinar:

1. Technology Attraction – Traditionally, the stereotype indicates that mainstream technology leaders are dominated by men. As a female of the new generation, do you think current practices have changed and do you think that women can also have a successful career in Tech?

2. Organisational Support – Examples of diverse and inclusive initiative are most useful to women in technology field.

3. Work Life Balance – How do you balance work and life as a present day female working in Tech?

4. New Generation – What would be some key advice you have learnt over the years which you would like to share with the new generation of females who are entering the tech field?

And more….

Join us to hear sharing from the panellists on their personal experiences as we embrace a new era of female leaders in technology and how we can all make a difference to promote gender diversity in IT!

Last 10 minutes of the webinar are reserved for answering any questions which you may have, for example, how the panellists ensure continued growth and development as a woman working in Tech, what is the one thing the panellists wishes more people knew about women in the technology field, etc.

Feel free to send your questions in advance to [email protected] and we look forward to having you join our event on the day!

Date Thursday, 4th August 2022
Time 6:00pm – 7:00pm
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