It’s Time to Give Work/Life Grace a Chance




The continuation of remote work gives us a chance to reset how we approach our career and how it blends into our personal lives. No longer should we strive for work/life balance – it’s wholly unattainable. Instead, let’s work towards work/life grace, where we’re able to be 100% invested in our personal and professional lives throughout our entire day. You can be a mom or tend to a pet on a client call; likewise, you can take a crisis work Zoom while watching Netflix before bed. It’s time we realize that our work and our lives are intertwined together and make us 100% of who we are. This session will explore the concept of Work/Life Grace and discuss practical applications of the behavior.

Speaker: Amanda Fennell
Bio: Amanda joined the Relativity team in 2018 as CSO and her responsibilities expanded to include the role of CIO in 2021. In her role, Amanda is responsible for championing and directing security strategy in risk management and compliance practices as well as building and supporting Relativity’s information technology. She also hosts Relativity’s Security Sandbox podcast, which looks to explore and explain the unique links between non-security topics and the security realm. Relativity is passionate about its culture of security to ensure its data (and its customers’ and partners’ data) is secure.
Prior to joining Relativity, Amanda served as the global head of cyber response and digital forensics at Zurich Insurance Compan. She also held several management and consulting positions at Symantec, Dell SecureWorks, Booz Allen Hamilton, and Guidance Software. Amanda received her Master’s in Forensic Science in the field of Digital Forensics: High-Technology Crime Investigation at the George Washington University.
Fun Facts
o Specialized in human osteology in undergraduate archaeology studies
o Made it through the infamous 50/50 white water rafting in Uganda
o Collects special editions of books – current prize being The Mayor of Casterbridge by Thomas Hardy