SheLeadsTech…with Expertise – “Fearlessly chart your own course. Is it a plane? Is it an astronaut? Is it ALLIVE? Happy International Women’s Day! #EmbraceEquity”




Dear ISACA Chicago Members,

The SheLeadsTech… with EXPERTISE program has been designed to support women in enhancing their knowledge on areas under ISACA Curriculum. The pillars under its umbrella have been crafted to feature Inspiring women, who can share their captivating stories and Professional Expertise.

We are inviting you to join us on March 10th, at Noon CST to learn from Zhani Walker- Holmes’s captivating stories.
Topic: Fearlessly chart your own course. Is it a plane? Is it an astronaut? Is it ALLIVE?
Mizzani “Zhani” Walker-Holmes is a scientist, thought leader and all around nerd that has built a career out of being innovative, forward thinking and service driven. As an active community leader, global humanitarian and avid technologist, Zhani is dedicated to combining her scholastic knowledge, professional experience, and unwavering passion into creating an inspiring force to help transform the world, encourage innovation and revolutionize the future of computing. Zhani has had the pleasure of working with innovative companies such as Google, IBM and NASA (to name a few) serving as an engineer, research scientist and technology leader. A key theme of her successful career has been maintaining consistency as an engineering leader that continually focuses on driving value through innovation and inspirational leadership. As a researcher, Zhani led specialized projects and actively utilized creative research methodologies to collect meaningful qualitative and quantitative data about users, technology, and their environments. This work led to numerous scholastic publications and innovative contributions to projects in the governmental, public and private sectors. Zhani has accumulated a wealth of knowledge from her experiences in academia, governmental service and industry, leaving a positive and impactful mark at every venture….

Happy International Women’s Day! #EmbraceEquity