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thecoderschool Camps

Virtual and Face-to-face

Ages: 7-18. Camps provide coding lessons for kids as well as fun offline activities.

Code Ninjas Camps

Virtual and Face-to-face

Ages: 5-14. The camps offer an immersive environment for kids to explore and develop new skills, gain confidence, and have fun with friends. Guided by a team of Code Senseis, Code Ninjas Camps empower kids to gain valuable tech skills and make new friends.

Coding with Kids


Ages: 5-18. Learn to code from anywhere. Video conferencing and screen-sharing capabilities allow teachers to work with students in a group as well as individually. Camp leaders will help with project design and debugging.

$129 – $219

Cyber Discovery


Ages: 13-18. Cyber Discovery is the most effective and fun way to master technical skills and security concepts. You will become an agent for the virtual Cyber Protection Agency, where you will stop criminal gangs who are using their cyber skills to do damage online.

iD Tech Virtual Tech Camps


Ages 7-18. One week sessions, Monday-Friday. Virtual Tech Camps are the perfect way to sharpen your STEM skills and bond with new friends, all online from the comfort of home.

iD Tech Cybersecurity and Encryption

Ages: 13-17. One week course. You will discover how to hide information, create secret messages, and share plans with your classmates, always staying one step ahead of would-be cyber attacks. Learn how to encrypt data with programs and computers.

iD Tech Cybersecurity Lab: Encryption and Steganography

Ages: 13-18. Two week course. This course introduces cryptographic elements and obfuscation of information via complex puzzles and ciphers. Learn how information can be hidden and stored in digital mediums like pictures, music, and videos.


Kode with Klossy Camps


Ages: 13-18 (cis and trans girls, nonbinary). Kode with Klossy’s flagship program provides the opportunity for young women and non-binary individuals across the country to attend free two week bootcamps that introduce them to key computer science concepts and skills.