ISACA Chapter and Member Engagement

Key Leaders for One In Tech

When ISACA founded One In Tech as a philanthropic effort to build diversity and inclusion in technology, the organization recognized the power of including ISACA chapters and members in One In Tech’s work. While One In Tech works with individuals, organizations, schools, corporations, associations, and others, the dedicated, motivated professionals of ISACA are of great value to the success of the OIT mission.

One In Tech seeks to support the chapters and members through both ISACA’s own excellent services, as well as directly through OIT.  One In Tech has developed titles for the different roles to allow members and chapters to demonstrate publicly the commitment they have made. These OIT-designed roles are never required nor are these part of ISACA Global’s own chapter or member relations. Please check out ISACA Chapter Engagement and ISACA Member Engagement to see the various areas to participate in and support One In Tech.