Make an ISACA Chapter Impact

In the spirit of the incredible power of ISACA’s chapters to effect change, One In Tech is calling on all ISACA chapters around the world to lead the commitment toward building diversity, inclusion, and equity in the cyber space. These roles for chapters are OIT-designed and not affiliated with or an element of ISACA’s own chapter relations.

One In Tech offers two ways for ISACA chapters to partner with One In Tech.

Chapter Outreach Advocate

This is for any chapter who holds SheLeadTech or other OIT-related programs that are developed by the chapter itself (See below for Chapter Diversity Advocates, which are chapters sponsoring OIT and receiving the benefits of that program). By becoming a Chapter Outreach Advocate, your chapter can amplify OIT’s call for increased diversity and inclusion into the tech space.

The Chapter Outreach Advocate chapter role is very general and “Chapter Outreach Advocate” serves as a title the chapters can use to demonstrate their philanthropic engagement. The scope of this role includes:
1) Host  chapter-developed events such as SheLeadsTech or other OIT mission-related topics;
2) Consider assigning a One In Tech/SheLeadsTech Liaison from the chapter members who will serve as OIT’s contact for sharing all OIT information with their chapter (this is the only element that ties to ISACA’s chapter relations as Liaisons are to be reported to ISACA); and
3) Share with One In Tech any information about events.

Please note any chapter can be an Outreach Advocate simply by having chapter-organized events and/or sharing OIT information with the chapter’s members. Many chapters would already be considered a Outreach Advocate if they are already doing events and they do not have to do anything differently. We would ask for the form (button below) to be completed but it is not required – please just keep us informed of your events.

Chapter Diversity Advocate

The charitable Chapter Diversity Advocate is a sponorship/donation chapter role which partners chapters directly with One In Tech to provide OIT-designed and delivered events, curriculum, and resources targeted at specific audiences. These audiences might include the chapter members OR might be directed at a particular community, organization, school, etc. This ensures the chapters can give back directly to their communities through OIT’s diversity and inclusion programs.

By sponsorship of and collaboration with OIT, chapters support not only the general field, but also the donation is supporting programs that are provided to the chapters’ own members and communities. After meeting with the chapter to identify their needs and OIT’s capabilites, OIT can assess programming options and provide the necessary preparation, invitations (if applicable), and delivery of chapter-specific and community-based programming.

The Chapter Diversity Advcocates program provides benefits to chapters, which can be found via the button below. No specific donation levels of sponsorship are required, as OIT recognizes each chapter is different – chapters can donate to OIT at a level based on their capabilites. As with all the member and chapter OIT roles, these are not affiliated with any ISACA chapter relations. Through this program, chapters can publicly demonstrate a  commitment to DIVERSITY within the technology education and workforce pipeline.

To become a Chapter Diversity Advocate, chapters can donate directly online. Another option for donation is by utilizing the chapters’ ISACA credits, if they have them. By using  the One In Tech-designed “Chapter Care Credit Program,”  chapters who have ISACA  chapter credits can transfer them into donations by contacting One In Tech. Chapters must check with ISACA chapter relations team to determine if they have credits.