Make an ISACA Member Impact

ISACA members are visionary leaders whose expertise and support is critical to the success of the OIT mission. One In Tech collaborates closely with ISACA to engage and include all ISACA members through a realm of initiatives. The following are various areas of interest to members to participate in and support One In Tech.

Learn with One In Tech

Just as ISACA provides CPEs for their educational program and volunteer roles, One In Tech also provides ISACA members opportunities to gain CPEs for SheLeadsTech, Young Leaders In Tech, and WeLeadTech educational learning and volunteer engagement. CPEs are self reported, and One In Tech will issue proof of participation and, when applicable, a certificate of attendance. CPE-earning is applicable for:
Volunteering with One In Tech: Participate actively on a One In Tech working group or volunteer project and earn one CPE (up to 20 per year) for each hour of active participation.
Attending One In Tech Educational Events: Participate/attend One In Tech Webinars, Conferences, and trainings to earn one CPE (up to 36 per year) for each hour of active participation
For self-reporting CPEs, visit ISACA’s CPE page.

Volunteer with One In Tech

One In Tech engages ISACA members and others as volunteers in ensuring that, together, we can move the needle forward toward diversity and equity. Volunteering your voice, outreach, and expertise are rewarding and powerful ways to make an impact. Members can volunteer with both ISACA and OIT separately, as programs are organization-specific. One In Tech will identify volunteer opportunities over time, some on a one-time basis and others on-going. Volunteer Opportunities exist in OIT’s Young Leaders In Tech, SheLeadsTech, and soon-to-come WeLeadTech programs- apply if you are interested.

Donate to One In Tech

Direct Donation
Knowing its members are visionary leaders, ISACA made this philanthropic investment in One In Tech to build diversity and inclusion. One In Tech relies on donations from members to ensure the cyber and tech fields are strong, innovative, and inclusive. Through donations, members can literally change the world. Member donations can be made online, by check, or by wire. Stock can also be donated.

ISACA Membership Renewal – added donation
ISACA members can support One In Tech via their membership renewal process. When members renew their membership, the online and mail-in forms ask if the member would like to donate to One In Tech. No amount of the membership fee is ever allocated to One In Tech, and any donation made comes directly to OIT.

Support One In Tech

Community Support
Hold a Community Event Fundraiser or donation drive such as a walk or an online birthday celebration.

Member Outreach Advocate
One In Tech can make even a stronger impact around the world when ISACA members follow our social media accounts and repost/share the events, information, and impact of the Foundation via members’ social media and personal outreach. One In Tech is always available to support your outreach by request as well.

Chapter Diversity Advocates
Ask your chapter to become a Chapter Diversity Advocate and sponsor OIT using ISACA Chapter credit via the Chapter Care Credit program.

Corporate Diversity Advocates
Ask your corporation to sponsor One In Tech in the Corporate Diversity Advocates program.