Three Programs, One Vision

Our programs are based on the One In Tech  vision that technology knows no gender, no color, no age, and makes no assumptions, holds no biases and has no bounds. To combat barriers commonly based on these, we built a suite of programs focused on children, women, and people of color,  and those under-served socioeconomically and due to bias.  Our objectives are to build equity and diversity in the digital space.

One In Tech provides THREE KEY PROGRAMS to address global needs and provide programs with measurable impact.

Creating pathways for a racially and culturally diverse workforce

WeLeadTech empowers groups who, due to racial or cultural bias or exclusion, are underrepresented in the tech industry with opportunities to build leadership skills, find and be mentors, gain career guidance, and achieve certifications leading to stronger equity in technology fields.

Building avenues to achieve a workforce free of gender-bias

SheLeadsTech empowers women, a highly underrepresented percentage in the tech workforce, to not only enter into tech careers, but to stay in the field, serving in leadership roles and achieving their highest potential.

Preparing the next generation to be healthy digital citizens

Young Leaders In Tech provides under-resourced and under-represented children with the knowledge and skills to help them avoid online risks, build online skills, and explore cybersecurity fields to begin a pipeline of a diverse workforce. Initiatives within this program include:

  • CyberSleuths: Now Open
  • Cyber Pathways: Launching 2020
  • Mentorships: Launching 2021
  • Education Resource Center: Launching 2021

Our Services

Our services are delivered via in-person activities across the globe in the form of classes, sessions, conferences, boot camps, workshops, seminars etc. In addition, One In Tech leverages the power of technology for vast outreach via webinars, podcast, virtual conferences, online classes and curriculum, and series of online seminars.

Programming is provided in multiple globally accessible formats:


Working closely with ISACA, One In Tech develops and utilizes online platforms to provide online courses, webinars, blogs, networking forums, and toolkits.


One in Tech delivers presentations, courses, school curriculum, networking events, after-school programs, and activities within ISACA’s conferences and events.

Our Relationships

One In Tech collaborates with a host of partners to deliver services, enabling our outreach to reach participants around the world with personalize programming that meets the population, region, structure, and specific needs of each population served.


Carefully curated opportunities

  • ISACA’s network of staff, members and engaged professionals and chapters
  • One In Tech’s corporate volunteers, program partners and
  • professional associates
  • A Junior Advisory Board that informs and advises on youth programs
  • A volunteer bureau of presenters for adult- and youth-led initiatives


Integrated collaborations

  • ISACA Chapters
  • Primary and secondary schools
  • Colleges and universities
  • Professional, social, and educational organizations
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Governments
  • Grassroots community organizations