40% of men of color left a position due to unfairness and bias in the workplace.

62% of these employees indicated they would have stayed if their company had tried to create a better work environment.

The ratio of African Americans and Hispanics to white coworkers is about half in the tech sector of what it is in the rest of the private sector.

83% of all tech execs are white.

Blacks make up 12% of all workers but only 8% of IT workers. Hispanics make up about 17% of all workers but only 7% of IT workers.

While tech companies have repeatedly emphasized that they must do better, blacks and Hispanics still remain underrepresented in tech jobs by nearly 50%.

Research shows that advancing technologies such as AI are rife with bias and discrimination, mirroring and amplifying real-world inequalities.

Why?  One reason is that the people building these technologies are overwhelmingly white and male.

Their Need

The racial and cultural diversity imbalance in the tech professions results from  structural and cultural issues that are incompatible with the values of the tech industry – innovation, creativity, and diversity of thought. Hiring individuals who do not look, talk, or think like their employers  enables organizations to avoid costly pitfalls of conformity and results in more innovative thinking.

This awareness and the actions taken based on new perspectives can lead to incredible growth in HR satisfaction levels, productivity, corporate culture improvements, and result in more successful, profitable, stable organizations. 

New Pilot Project

One In Tech recently partnered with ISACA and City Colleges of Chicago in a Cybersecurity Training Pilot designed to build the workforce in the field. See our full report on how collaborations are providing solutions!

Our Focus

WeLeadTech provides  cybersecurity training and career pipelining for under-represented people and serves as a support system for corporations working toward building diverse workforce, resulting which not only helps close the skills gap but also makes good business sense. Utilizing ISACA’s CSX Training platform, CSX Fundamentals program, and other outside programming, we will train and support those who lack access to such programs and educational opportunities. WeLeadTech includes mentorship, soft skills training, career guidance, and connection to potential employment in its programming. A cohort model will supplement the in-class and/or on-line training program to encourage participants to work together and support each other throughout their training and beyond.


Our Initiatives


WeLeadTech provides career training and resources for adults who are under-resourced in areas of economics, access, educational level, race, and culture.

In a collaborative model, WeLeadTech provides the under-served, under-represented populations with pipelines for career entry and growth. The programs are designed to tackle the barriers that exclude minority populations from IT careers based on biases, corporate processes, and systemic inequities.

Stay tuned for upcoming collaborations and opportunities!

Partners and Collaborators

As an affiliate of ISACA , One In Tech is uniquely positioned to engage partners and collaborators in creating and providing WeLeadTech initiatives.

Our partners include ISACA’s own Learning and Certifications vertical, which provides educational opportunities, certificates and certifications, and other opportunities to build professional excellence.

We also partner externally with corporations, colleges, and organizations to build a collaborative approach that opens pipelines for tech career entry and promotion into leadership roles.


One In Tech has access to and engagement with professionals in a realm of technology fields to serve as volunteers, mentors, speakers, and instructors.

WeLeadTech has an innovative resource with empowers the program, via collaborate with ISACA’s global volunteer and chapters and membership departments to engage ISACA members and chapters throughout the world.

These volunteers provide training and support as well as introduce the WeLeadTech participants into strong networking systems.