Our Objectives

As e-learning for students becomes a norm, in part because of school closures due to COVID-19, the inequity within cyberspace deeply impacts student success. A lack of access, skills, and knowledge of how to remain safe while online increases the existing “achievement gap” for under-served students. CyberSleuths addresses these needs by supporting students with education and resources.

Listen to the podcast as One In Tech and our collaborator Bits N’ Bytes Cybersecurity Education discuss the issues facing all students due to e-learning needs created by Covid-19.

Our Online Course Series

The CyberSleuths Course Series provides online courses designed to meet grade-level reading and comprehension levels. Delivered via live webinars as well as guided videos and the option for self-directed participation, the three current course topics will offer a fun and educational experience in these modules:

Safety and Security

Two Versions:
Age suggestion: 8 – 12 years old
Age suggestion: 13 – 18 years old

As more youth are online than ever, the risks for online fraud and harm are greatly increased. Students will learn about these risks and develop skillsets to ensure protection.

Cyber Career Exploration

Age suggestion: 13 – 18 years old

The cybersecurity workforce is one of the fasting growing professions in the world. This course provides explorations into the various skillsets and job roles of a cyber security field professional. It supports students as they begin to explore and plan for college and career pathways. It also includes a 6 video series developed “for youth – by youth” instructing on basic elements of cybersecurity.

E-Learning Experts:
Tips for Success Online

 Age suggestion: 13 – 18 years old

As e-learning expectations increase, students face many challenges in transitioning from the more tradition in-person education setting to one that is much more self-directed and complex.  Students will learn the best ways to succeed through building new and improved skillsets.

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