Expanding Cyber Funding:
Letter to Philanthropy

One In Tech has joined over 30 cyber leaders in calling upon philanthropy to help. The letter can be found here and at The need for private funding in cybersecurity is growing, and we need your help spreading the word. Show your support for the expansion of cyber philanthropy by sharing these pre-crafted posts across your social media channels. Read our Press Release to learn more.

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I support the expansion of cyber philanthropy.
#CyberPhilanthropy #ExpandCyberFunding


I support the expansion of cyber philanthropy. #CyberPhilanthropy #ExpandCyberFunding

Have you heard? Americans reported $4.2 billion in financial losses to the FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) in 2020, and cyber threats have topped the U.S. intelligence community’s annual assessment of global threats for seven years running.

However, cyber grants made up less than one percent of the $3.7 billion that foundations devoted to peace and security issues since 2012, according to the Peace and Security Funding Index.

The need for private philanthropy in cybersecurity is growing. Private philanthropy can take a longer view, focusing resources on thinking through the underlying laws, norms, and policies that should govern cybersecurity.

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