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Meeting workforce needs through Diversity and Inclusion

Infusing Untapped Talent into the Cyber Workforce

One In Tech seeks to make both broad and in-depth impacts in infusing untapped talent into the cyber workforce and in-depth impacts in infusing untapped talent into the cyber workforce.

The OIT Core Scholarships are developed, funded, and provided directly from OIT, and at times in collaboration with partners. Over 100 scholarships are provided each year with multiple Academic or Professional Development award opportunities. These scholarships are offered in two annual cycles: Spring and Fall. In addition, various scholarship opportunities may be offered outside a specific cycle based on opportunities that may be specific to events, initiatives, nationally/internationally recognized days/months and other occasions to create impact through funding. OIT plans, provides, and manages these scholarships.

The Core Scholarship Goals include providing support for individuals , who are of a population under-served and/or under-represented in the tech space , with academic and career pathways, ultimately culminating in cyber-related careers. By providing monetary support and resources, OIT Scholarships are designed to secure and accelerate career trajectories and, subsequently, narrow the workforce gap by pipelining untapped talent into employment opportunities.
Selected applicants receive between $2500 – $10,000 (US) for academic tuition and/or professional development in cyber -related fields. In addition, awardees receive a “Resource Bundle” which provides career support materials and services such as connections to mentoring, various free professional memberships, registration coverage for specific conferences, training and certification guidance, and other professional support.

OIT awards serve a multitude of students and professionals including:

  • individuals of populations historically under-served and/or under-represented in the tech space
  • members and non-members of ISACA
  • 18+ age levels
  • college/university and training institute students
  • early career and mid-career level professionals with goal of advancement;
    from any country/region (as in compliance with international laws);

Each scholarship opportunity will require specific criteria which will be listed within the scholarship opportunity announcement and application.

Awardees may receive funding directly or the opportunity may provide free participation/registration through a school, course, workshop, presentation, etc.

OIT Scholarships are both cyclic and ad hoc, non-cyclic approaches. OIT presents two award cycles: Spring and Fall.

Spring Cycle

  • Applications open March 28 9:00 am US CT
  • Applications due April 28 11:59 pm US CT
  • Selection process completed in June

Fall Cycle

  • Applications open October 1 9:00 am US CT
  • Applications due October 30 11:59 pm US CT
  • Selection process completed in December