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Diversity in Leadership Scholarship

One In Tech’s program, SheLeadsTech, advances women into leadership roles. The Diversity in Leadership Scholarship supports the leadership development of women in digital trust professions as they accelerate their careers. This opportunity offers 26 scholarships in conjunction with ISACA’s Member Exclusive Speaker Series.

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Scholarship Details:

To supplement learning from Scott Gould’s MESS keynote discussing the 3 Key to Engaging People, SheLeadsTech is excited to partner again with Dorie Clark to offer scholarships to her Rapid Content Creation Masterclass. The skills scholarship recipients gain in this course will not only increase their visibility as subject matter experts, but also further develop their ability to engage authentically and effectively with wider audiences.

“I am halfway through your Rapid Content Creation Masterclass and I had to stop to write.  Two hours later, I had written 8 blogs! Your course is amazing. I wonder what fantastic things are going to happen when I finish the course. 😊

Angela Messioui

Consultant, Utrecht, Netherlands

Scholarship Application Criteria:
These criteria are required in order to be considered for this award.

  • Applicants must be ISACA Members who identify as women.
  • Applicants should complete the application form, including a short response outlining their career goals and objectives.
  • Applicants agree to communicate with One In Tech regarding their career trajectory for 2 years after the scholarship award (This supports One In Tech’s evaluation of our program’s impact).
  • Applicants cannot be Diversity in Leadership Scholarship awardees within the previous 12 months

Scholarship Application Deadline:
24 October 2023

Scholarship Application Process:
Fill in the form below.

One In Tech’s mission is to provide opportunity for under-represented individuals to enter digital trust professions and support the advancement of untapped talent into leadership positions. We respectfully ask the following questions to ensure we are meeting the need within the global communities and identities we seek to serve. In recognition of the sensitive nature of our inquiries, your responses will be used only for the aforementioned purpose and will be kept confidential.

Scholarship Application

With which gender do you affiliate?

Which category best describes you? (Based on United Nations Geoscheme. Check all that apply.)

Are you willing to commit to communicating with OIT for one year after this course in regards to your career status?

By submitting this form, I hereby request to be considered for the One In Tech Diversity in Leadership Scholarship.

If you are not shown a “thank you” message shortly after attempting to submit your application, check for errors in your submission and try again.

We can’t wait to announce the next awardee — we hope you’re the one! Check back for more scholarship opportunities soon.

Previous Scholarships

Diversity in Leadership Scholarship #1

Our Partners: Thank you to Erica Dhawan for your generous support!

“I want to get a firm grasp on digital body language and to improve executive presence so that I can effectively cope with gender, cultural, generational, and professional obstacles in digital trust leadership. I want to enhance my career in digital trust so that I may join the C-Suite.”
Elizabeth Della Ayugi

“As an ISACA Auckland Chapter SheLeadsTech Liaison, I can use the skills of the scholarship course to encourage more Chinese women, or women in New Zealand, to dream big and believe in themselves. I want to become a security professional consultant and conquer culture and mindset gaps.”
Xiaoyan (Abby) Zhang

Jasmine Suarez

King David Abakah

Nana Kwame Gyamfi

Diversity in Leadership Scholarship #2

Our Partners: Thank you, Stephanie Mehta, Inc. Magazine and Fast Company for your generous support!

“I hope to gain new awareness of opportunities, develop critical thinking around digital transformation, and build new relationships that will empower me as a leader in technology and as an advocate for people of historically under-represented groups through this scholarship.”

Jamie Sanderson Reid

“I hope to learn how to be more deliberate in becoming an assertive woman in tech, and a woman that believes in herself and can handle difficult conversations, whilst maintaining empathy.”

Lemogang Mokotjo

“I am excited to gain insight into leadership characteristics of the mentors, be exposed to others in similar situations, and learn from others with the intention of paying it forward.”

Moradeun Awosile

“This mentoring session will help me gain more soft skills and achieve my goal of becoming a CIO and giving back to my community.”

Paul Akangah

Catherine Kathuni

Daniel Klein

Julie Dotson-Shaffer Pearce

Mutalib Anifowose

Uloma Uhunmwangho

ISACA North America Conference Scholarship with Belinda Enoma

Our Partners: Thank you, Belinda Enoma for you support and mentorship of our awardees!

“To learn and establish a clear career development goal/plan associated with actionable milestones will be a great way to boost my future.”

Ailu (Rosy) Wu

“This scholarship could not have come at a better time. I am excited to learn first-hand industry knowledge from my mentor.”

Shukria Jalalzada

“I find it difficult to be confident in my work and speech, and struggle to fit into the American workforce, as an immigrant, a Muslim, and a black woman. I am a successful woman in cybersecurity, but always striving to be better and be heard. This scholarship will help me stand out, augment my confidence level, and help me believe that the sky is my limit.”

Lateefat Adiamo

“Given my interest in becoming a Professional Development Coach this scholarship will give me insight into techniques to achieve career goals.”


Julia Daniel

Chante Santa Marina

Chelsea Bragg

Danielle Mohammed