Project Pledge

Thank you for your contribution to the One In Tech: SheLeadsTech Mentorship Project. We appreciate your donation of time and talent to this One In Tech pilot program. Your contribution helps us reach the audiences that rely on One In Tech for relevant information.

To get started, you must agree to the following pledge:
Alongside completing my ISACA mentor/mentee requirements, I pledge to complete the three SheLeadsTech Mentorship Project Components:

  1. Attend two Mentorship Community Meetups
  2. Contribute a Mentorship Matters Story
  3. Contribute resources and input for the SheLeadsTech Allies Guide

Author Agreement

To uphold One In Tech’s reputation of providing original, trustworthy content, One In Tech needs your assurance that your work is your own and your acknowledgment that One In Tech owns the content you submit and may share the content freely across all of its publishing platforms.

You must assert that you are the Author, and that your Matters Stories (“the Work”) is your own:

  • The Work is original work of sole authorship by the Author.
  • The Author hereby represents and warrants that he/she owns all right, title and interest to the Work, including any copyright thereto.
  • The Author hereby assigns, sells, and transfers, for consideration acknowledged, to One In Tech all of Author’s right, title, and interest in and to the Work and the copyright thereto including without limitation (a) all renewals, reversions and extensions of such copyright; (b) the right to register the copyright if it is unregistered; and (c) the right to sue and collect damages for infringement of the copyright.
  • The Author agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Association and its agents, officers, directors and members from any and all claims made in regard to the Association’s publication and use of the Work.
  • The Author further agrees to execute any further documents necessary to transfer and/or record this assignment in the name of the Association.
  • The Association retains the right to reprint the Work in any further compilation of previously published materials.
  • The Association may edit the Work to fit its publishing media and style.
  • The Author understands that the work may be posted not only on the One In Tech web site, but also other third-party web sites that have an agreement with One In Tech to republish content.

Please fill out the following form to agree to the pledge, assert your authorship, and acknowledge that One In Tech will own and can share your content.

SheLeadsTech Mentorship Project Pledge and Author Agreement


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Do you agree to the author agreement?