Become a Chapter Diversity Advocate

Promote your Chapter’s Commitment to Diversity

The charitable Chapter Diversity Advocate is a sponorship/donation chapter role which partners chapters directly with One In Tech to provide OIT-designed and delivered events, curriculm, and resources targeted at specific audiences. These audiences might include the chapter members, or might be directed at a particular community, organization, school, etc. This ensures the chapters can give back directly to their communities through OIT’s diversity and inclusion programs.

By sponsorship of and collaboration with OIT, the chapters can invest in the mission and impact their members and communities. After meeting with the chapter to identify their needs and OIT’s capabilites, OIT will provide the necessary preparation, invitations (if applicable), and delivery of chapter-specific and community-based programming.

For each Chapter Diversity Advocate, OIT individualizes our initiatives to serve the chapter’s own territory. The chapter can select a particular Young Leaders In Tech, SheLeadsTech, and/or WeLeadTech educational event, project or curriculum to be offered to their chapter as well as targeted schools, community groups, or other audiences within their territory. One In Tech will do all the local outreach and event planning, as well as communication, pre- and post-promotion, record-keeping, reporting, and documentation. Through the Chapter Diversity Advocates sponsorship program, chapters can ensure that OIT services in cyber workforce development, youth education, and overall diversity-building can impact their own immediate communities, making the impact very meaningful and personalized for their chapter.

Learn about Chapter Diversity Advocate Support

In its commitment to build the cybersecurity field, ISACA founded the nonprofit One In Tech to build diversity and inclusion. ISACA Chapters can also be part of this commitment. The Chapter Diversity Advocate role is not affiliated with ISACA chapter relations and directly supports OIT.

As a sponsorship program, Chapter Diversity Advocates make a donation to the One In Tech Foundation. Through this, chapters can join the movement with OIT.  Donations from chapters ensure the cyber and tech fields are strong, innovative, and inclusive. Through donations, chapters can literally change the world.

Donations can be made online, or by check or wire. Another option for donation is the One In Tech-designed “Chapter Care Credit Program,” which allows chapters who have ISACA  chapter credits to transfer them into donations. As some ISACA chapters hold monetary credits with ISACA headquarters, One In Tech has collaborated with ISACA to enable the chapters to utilize the dollar-for-dollar value as a donation to support the Foundation. To sponsor with ISACA Credits, contact One In Tech. This is not affiliated with the ISACA chapter relations team, but is a way for applicable chapters to  support OIT. Please donate today!

No specific donation levels of sponsorship are built into this program, as OIT recognizes each chapter is different- chapters can support OIT at a level based on their capabilites. Through this program, chapters  can publicly demonstrate their commitment to DIVERSITY within the technology education and workforce pipeline.

Chapter Diversity Advocate Benefits

By becoming a Chapter Diversity Advocate, chapters receive direct benefits as well. Partnered chapters will be featured on Our Chapter Diversity Advocates page. One In Tech’s valued Chapter Diversity Advocates may also receive some or all the below partnership benefits as individualized for each chapter.

Chapter Diversity
Advocate Benefits

Digital Badge:Corporate Diversity Advocate Digital Badge: Gold Level

Signage and Print Materials: Hard Copy and digital Certificate of Advocate Role

Event Sponsorships: Up to 5 OIT events with logo and name on materials and outreach

ISACA Conference Registration: Up to 5 free registrations to any of ISACA’s Conferences. Designated for chapter members of under-represented demographics

OIT Website: Chapter name and/or logo inclusion on Home and Chapter Diversity Advocates pages

OIT Newsletter: Featured in up to 3 OIT newsletters

Social Media: Logo inclusion on up to 4 OIT posts, up to 4 ISACA LinkedIn reposts, up to 4 OIT tweets, and up to 4 ISACA retweets

Press Release: Inclusion in up to 3 global, national, and regional ISACA and/or OIT Press Releases

Podcast: Guest speaker role on up to 3 OIT Podcast episodes discussing Chapter Advocacy of Equity and Diversity

Awards: ISACA OIT Diversity Advocates Award presented at ISACA Awards event(s)

ISACA Website: Featured on ISACA’s website on OIT page

ISACA Newsletter: Featured in up to 2 ISACA membership newsletters