Community Fundraising Event

Support One In Tech with Fun and Social Community Events

One In Tech welcomes everyone to find ways to be engaged in One In Tech’s mission. One way to do that is to host an online or in-person event that raises support for One In Tech’s programs. These personal Community Events are fundraisers which community members organize to raise funds on behalf of a cause or charity. These events are hosted by and paid for by the beneficiary, but the proceeds generated support the mission of the selected charity. OIT welcomes these Community Events fundraising efforts and offers ideas, guidance, and tips for hosting these to support the OIT mission in fun and social personal ways. We encourage you to be creative and personalize your fundraiser to what works best for you.

Ideas for your Community Event

Options and ideas for event fundraisers that you and your family, friends, and colleagues can organize are endless, from concerts, BBQs, garage sales, social media challenges, parties or happy hours and many more. We encourage you to be creative and personalize your fundraiser to what works best for you. Here are some ideas for your fundraising event, but you may have even more ideas!

Birthdays and Celebrations: Ask friends and family to donate to One In Tech instead of giving gifts.

Online Party or Presentation: Host a virtual event such as Happy Hour, Family/Friend Celebrations, Networking and Catch-Up events, or Educational presentation. Invite attendees to support a good cause with a donation to support the mission of One In Tech.

School or Community Group Events: Talk to your community school and community groups about donating a portion of ticket proceeds from sporting events or theatre productions, or to hold campaigns to support our One In Tech mission.

Social Media Presence: Share how the OIT mission is important to you and ask for others to show their support.

Store Sales or Ticket Proceeds: Love shopping for a cause? Donate a percentage of store sales or event ticket sales to One In Tech, to make every purchase go even further.

Tournaments, Contests, and Challenges: Host in-person sports events, game nights, outings, or online game and contest challenges! Ask participants to join or give awards as a donation to One In Tech.

Workplace Campaigns: Ask your company to support mission through payroll deductions, employee happy hours, casual dress Fridays. Ask your employer if they might match your donations.

Community Event Toolkit

Deciding to host a Community Fundraiser for One In Tech is a huge accomplishment in itself – thank you!

Here are 10 steps to help you get started:
1. Form a planning committee. Bringing together a group of enthusiastic and dedicated people who share an interest in raising money for a great cause will increase the probability of a successful event.

2. Brainstorm. Gather members of your planning committee to brainstorm ideas for your fundraiser. Give free rein to your imagination — several heads are better than one! The more people participate now, the more committed they’ll be later.

3. Choose the “right” event. The type of event you choose should fit the size, interests, talents, goals and time availability of your planning committee.

4. Identify your target audience. Consider who is most likely to attend and support the type of event you have selected.

5. Develop a budget. Try to identify all the expenses involved with your event (invitations, postage, rental space, signage, food and catering, promotional materials, website, advertising, etc.) Then think about possible sources of funds, and people and companies you know who may be able to donate products (food, equipment) or services (like design, printing, photography) to reduce your costs. This will help keep your costs down, which is something everyone will appreciate. We encourage you to maintain fundraising costs at 20 percent of your budget.

6. Develop an event timeline. A timeline is important in planning a publicity strategy for your event.

7. Schedule the event. Select a time that is appropriate and convenient for those who will be attending. Be sure to check local community calendars for conflicting events.

8. Decide how donations will be collected. Will the donations come is as checks made out to OIT directly? Will they be online donations sent in by each donor via OIT website donation link? Or will donations made out directly to the event planner, who will then donate the full amount to OIT? Make sure you determine the method, share the information with potential donors, and create a tracking document that can help organize the information about incoming donations. (See Donations Policies on these options).

9. Collect all funds. We ask that all event proceeds designated for One In Tech be forwarded to the One In Tech Foundation within 30 days following the conclusion of your event.

10. Say thank you! Sending thank-you letters, notes or e-mails to everyone who participated in or supported your event shows your appreciation and reinforces their goodwill about supporting One In Tech.

Community Fundraising Event Form

Thank you for considering hosting a Community Fundraising Event to support the One In Tech Mission! Please complete and submit the below form providing proposed event information. Your signature indicates that you and any of your event affiliates have read and will comply with the One In Tech Community Fundraising Guidelines and Policies. OIT will contact you to discuss and provide written approval for event.