Become a Corporate Diversity Advocate

“Inclusion and fairness in the workplace…
is not simply the right thing to do;
it’s the smart thing to do.”
Alexis Herman, U.S. Secretary of Labor

Promote Your Corporate Commitment to Diversity

Is your company ready to lead the FUTURE of the Cyber Security and IT space? Statistics show that having a diverse workforce makes sense no matter how you look at it. Corporations around the world are recognizing the great benefits of diversity and are responding through trainings, operational changes, re-structuring, and advocating.

By joining One In Tech’s Corporate Diversity Advocate program, your company will demonstrate internally and externally your commitment to building DIVERSITY within the cybersecurity and tech workforce.

Your company’s participation will support our three main programs: SheLeadsTech, Young Leaders In Tech, and WeLeadTech. These programs are designed to build diversity and equity in the digital space from early education throughout career placement and advancement.

The Corporate Diversity Advocates program is designed to build collaboration and promotion in building diversity in the tech space. Beyond the benefits of making a public statement about the company’s commitment to diversity in their workforce, the program also offers a seat on the OIT Corporate Diversity Advocates Council. The Council meets to share best practices and is called upon for public appearances via media opportunities, podcasts, blogs and other features designed to share with the public the Council and individual companies’ work in building diversity. Presentations by and for the Council are also offered focused on best practices in build diverse workforces. The Council provides an excellent forum for companies’ HR leads, Corporate Diversity & Inclusion officers, Corporate Engagement directors, and other professional roles to share how your company is making an impact in ensuring full diversity in your workforce.

Choose the Corporate Diversity Advocate Level that best suits your company. Your support will demonstrate a public commitment to DIVERSITY within the technology education and workforce pipeline.