COVID-19 has forced school closures in 191 countries, affecting 1.5 billion students.

40-50% of these students do not have access to a computer and/or no internet access.
No training and little preparation will sabotage e-learning requirements for millions.

Digital schooling can disproportionately affect low-income students and those with special needs.

Many populations lack even the basic skills of turning on a device, logging into an app, reading instructions, clicking in the right place, typing answers and staying on task.

A 2019 study shows that men of color were the group most likely to leave tech jobs due to unfairness, with 40% citing that reason.

Under-represented tech workers most frequently cited “unfairness or mistreatment” as the reason for leaving, a factor that was mentioned twice as much as recruitment for better opportunities.

Online activity opens up significant risks to children’s safety, privacy and well-being.

Already-vulnerable children become even more vulnerable.

Racial discrimination is more than about landing interviews and the job offers - it includes siloed networks.

80% percent of all social networks are racially homogeneous, so  it’s especially hard for people of color to break into predominantly white networks.

In 2018, only 20% of all jobs in technology were held by women.

The  quit rate of women in technology is almost twice as high as that of men.

4,000,000 children are posting content to the web every day and 15,000,000 youth use Instant Messaging in 2019.

More than 80% of children have an online presence by the age of two.


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Introducing One In Tech:

Virtual Launch Party and Q&A

Learn about One In Tech’s work to create a healthy digital world that is safe, secure, and accessible for ALL. We look forward to introducing our Program strategies, activities, and impact goals, and want to hear your feedback.

We are offering four options to attend a webinar to learn about ISACA’s new Foundation and how  YOU can help bridge the digital divide across the world. The events will also feature a Q&A session answering your questions about One In Tech, an ISACA Foundation.

OIT Launch Party Webinars:
Introducing One In Tech

Our Mission

One In Tech, an ISACA Foundation, has a singular focus that is aligned with our vision.

We seek to build a healthy digital world that is safe, secure and accessible for all.

Our Vision

One In Tech believes that together, the tech community can create a digital world of which we’re proud to be a part, and a place where all people are safe, secure and most definitely equal.     

One In Tech’s objectives focus on building EQUITY and DIVERSITY in the digital world.

Technology has no gender, no color, no age.

Technology makes no assumptions, holds no biases and has no boundaries.

Technology, guided by a responsible and ethical tech community, has the power to change the world and uplift people everywhere from every background.

Their Stories

Personal Branding

Fei Peng, CGEIT, is a cloud professional with more than 10 years of global and regional experience in cloud...

Pursuing Her Passion

Deidre Melton, CISA, CRISC, CISM, CFE, CIA, serves as an assurance, risk assessor, investigator and advisory...

Changing Careers

Zinet Kemal, CISA, CySA+, Network+, Security+, was a legal assistant in Ethiopia before moving to the United...

Charting Her Path

Dorine Nalo, CISA, CCNA, Prince 2 Practitioner, is the robotics process automation (RPA) lead at EY Kenya....

Overcoming Barriers

Sarah Orton, CISA, is director of IT risk and compliance at AstraZeneca. She has more than 20 years of IT...

Our Programs

Creating pathways for a racially and culturally diverse workforce

WeLeadTech empowers groups who, due to racial or cultural bias or exclusion, are underrepresented in the tech industry with opportunities to build leadership skills, find and be mentors, gain career guidance, and achieve certifications leading to stronger equity in technology fields.

Building avenues to achieve a workforce free of gender-bias

SheLeadsTech empowers women, a highly underrepresented percentage in the tech workforce, to not only enter into tech careers, but to stay in the field, serving in leadership roles and achieving their highest potential.

Preparing the next generation to be healthy digital citizens

One In Tech will seek to provide under-resourced children with the knowledge and skills to help them avoid online risks, maximize online opportunities, and exercise their full rights in the digital world.


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