Diversity efforts could net the IT industry an extra $400 billion in revenue each year.

When an organization’s executives are at least 30% female, it can lead to 15% gains in profitability.

Women make up almost half of the workforce worldwide but only 31% of IT employees.

Only 22% of IT leadership roles are filled by women.

Only 13% of tech chief executive roles are filled by women.

40% of men of color left a position due to unfairness and bias in the workplace.

62% of these employees indicated they would have stayed if their company had tried to create a better work environment.

The ratio of African Americans and Hispanics to white coworkers is about half in the tech sector of what it is in the rest of the private sector.

83% of all tech execs are white.

57% of the U.S. workforce is made up of women, but only 26% of computing-related positions are held by women.


Black, Latina, and Native American women only hold 4% of roles in the computing workforce — almost none of which are senior leadership roles — despite making up 16% of the general population.

Blacks make up 11.9% of all workers but only 7.9% of IT workers.

Hispanics make up 16.7% of all workers but only 6.8% of IT workers.

Their Need

Diversity in the workplace is crucial to the technology industry by ensuring variety in thought and problem solving and including stakeholders throughout the creation process. We will work with companies and organizations to create more inclusive, positive, respectful, and fair work cultures. Diversity In Tech will not only attract a more diverse workforce, it will work to retain, support, and help participants grow throughout their technology careers

Our Focus

Diversity In Tech provides programing on prevalant under-represented populations in the cyber field, specifically wmen and minorities. By addressing the lack of opportunties in recruitment, advancement, and retention, Diversity In Tech works to ensure inclusion within the technology profession.



Our Programs

Our suite of diversity-focused programming will help not only get more underrepresented populations into the tech industry, but will also help to keep them in tech. We can make it easier to find diverse, skilled candidates, lessening the burden on organizations. We will create a community of inclusion for our participants, so they have mentors and role models to support them as they move through their tech career.


Launched 2017

A women-focused initiative which:

  • Increases the representation of women in technology leadership roles and the tech workforce
  • Provides women with mentorship, leadership training, and skills training to grow and excel within that industry



Launches 2020

A minority-focused initiative to advance the inclusion of under-representation in the tech field. The initiative provides:

  • Training in cybersecurity fundamentals and cyber foundational courses and to award field-recognized certificates for completion in courses
  • Provides leadership training, career guidance, and even placement through direct and collaborative programming. One In Tech’s volunteer network enables strong, full networking and mentor-matching support career paths for minority populations, and our corporate partners can provide placement, networking, and mentoring.