Earn CPEs through Engagement

As many ISACA members know, ISACA offers an array of opportunities for professionals to earn CPEs as they continue gaining knowledge and maintaining their globally recognized information systems certifications. Just as ISACA provides CPEs for their educational program and volunteer roles, One In Tech also provides opportunities for members to gain CPEs through our programs’ educational learning and volunteer engagement.
One In Tech CPE earning is applicable for:

  • Volunteering with One In Tech:
  • Participate actively on a One In Tech working group or volunteer project and earn 1 CPE (up to 20 per year) for each hour of active participation.

  • Attending One In Tech Educational Events:
  • Participate/attend One In Tech webinars, conferences, and trainings to earn 1 CPE (up to 36 per year) for each hour of active participation.

CPEs are self reported, and One In Tech will issue proof of participation and, when applicable, a certificate of attendance. To learn more about CPEs and how to process self-reporting CPEs, visit ISACA’s CPE page.

Educational and professional development becomes even more enriching when integrated with helping an important cause. Working to build diversity and inclusion through activities with One In Tech can make earning CPEs even more rewarding!