The Case for Mentorships

 According to a Pew Research Center 2019 report, only 6 percent of Fortune 500 companies have a woman as CEO. The women who do make it to the C-suite have one main thing in common: They are products of mentoring women in the workplace.

Mentorships are powerful strategies to build workforce placement and advancement across all industries. Mentoring is particularly vital to female advancement fields such as technology where fewer women have leadership roles.

Since closing the gender gap is imperative for organizations to perform at the highest caliber,  women mentoring programs are critical.

The best programs recognize the importance of not only supporting women but also building gender-diversity allies within male colleagues as well.

Excellent mentorship programs are designed to not only benefit the mentee, but also allow the mentor to grow and develop in managerial, communications, and leadership skill areas. In addition, the positive effects on mentor, mentee, and the overall workforce should be shared publicly to promote the power of mentorships.

One In Tech’s SheLeadsTech Mentorship Project meets these standards with a collaborative, communicative design.

SheLeadsTech Mentorship Project

The SheLeadsTech Mentorship Project is offered as an extension of the ISACA’s Pilot Mentorship program. Featured as a sub-group of the broader ISACA Mentorship program, the SheLeadsTech Mentorship Project is designed within the same 3-6-month pilot program offered to these ISACA Chapters:  Singapore, Netherland, Great Washington DC, Kenya, and San Antonio. The project will later scale-up to all ISACA chapters and members.

Mentor/mentees will be accepted by ISACA’s Mentorship program in rolling sign-up and will be assigned matches only when an appropriate placement is available (this may require a wait based on availability of applicants).

The SheLeadsTech Mentorship Project offers mentors and mentees supplemental scope to their ISACA mentorship. The activities are designed with the mission to share the experiences and guidance gained in the mentorship with the public, further building the message of the importance of gender-diversity in the workplace.

This includes:
 • Mentorship Community Meetups: Monthly conference calls for participants focused on how being a mentor and/or a mentee helps to build gender diversity in the technology workforce. These are designed to ignited innovative and new ideas that will inspire best practices and further promote the power of mentorships.
• Mentorship Matters Stories: Shared mentor and/or mentee stories that demonstrate the power and importance of mentorships. These can be developed by the program participants or by OIT staff based on input by mentor and/or mentees.
• SheLeadsTech Allies Guide: Utilizing contributions and ideas from participants, this cumulative, dynamic resource provides tips, guidance, advice, ideas etc. about how women (and men!) can stand up as allies for gender diversity in their own workplace and in their personal lives. This will be populated by SLT staff with real-world ideas and tactics based on participant ideas and input from around the world.

See an example SheLeadsTech Mentorship Matters Story and Allies Guide Entry.

Current SheLeadsTech mentors only!

The SheLeadsTech Pilot project with ISACA is currently a closed group. The below forms are intended and required only for this initial pilot group.

Please complete and submit the two required forms:

Pledge and Release Form
Story and Guide Entry Form

Process and Requirements


To apply to be a SheLeadsTech Mentorship Project pilot participant, a chapter-specific, invite-only application must be submitted through the ISACA Mentorship application system. Those interested in the SheLeadsTech Mentorship Project can indicate this on the ISACA application form.

After ISACA gathers applications, they will communicate to SheLeadsTech staff those applicants interested in the SheLeadsTech Mentorship Project. Individuals who may be interested in the SheLeadsTech Mentorship Project will be connected with SheLeadsTech staff for communication and facilitation around the supplemental activities Project described above.


All ISACA Mentors and Mentees commit to:
• Completing a ISACA Mentor Application (invite-only during pilot program)
• Providing/receiving guidance via calls, meetings, emails, etc. based on an agreed upon term
• Communicating with each other in a professional, respectful, non-biased, non-political manner
• Communicate around the generally suggested topics including:

Building company affinity Board of Director engagement
Leadership skills Social Media Technical skills
Personal branding Promotion and negotiation

SheLeadsTech Mentorship Project participants also commit to extending the impact by:
• Attending the Mentorship Community meetups
• Sharing a Mentorship Matters story for OIT to present
• Providing input to the SheLeadsTech Allies Guide