Our Objectives

Cyber Pathays is a career exploration program with a suite of initiatives designed to bidle a pipleine of a diverse cyber security field workforce.  Featuring youth and cyber security professionals presenting live and recorded videos, mentorships, resources, career insights, webinars and virtual events, the program addresses the importance of youth learning about and considering cyber security professions.  With the goal of developing a cyber security workforce that include ALL populations, Cyber Careers builds the pipeline into a diverse cyber security workforce.

Our Series

This initiative  Cyber Careers focuses on the critical ned to begin building pipelines into the cyber security profession to ensure a diverse workforce. This initiative provides youth with engaging career exploration  activitities such presentations by youth and cyber security professionals via live and recorded videos, webinars, and virtual events.  Designed to build interest and pathways for under-represented youth into cyber careers, the topics include:

  • Detailed exploration of specific roles and positions in cyber security
  • Tips and guidance in preparing for and entering the cyber career space.
  • Subject-specific topics within cyber security such as ethics, data collection, virutal human care services, and commerce

These activities will also be co-hosted and featured by some of our Isaca chapters to ensure a global outreach.

Stay tuned for upcoming resources!